Eminem, Rosenberg, Mr. Porter, ve Royce da 5’9″ hayatı konuşuyor,Shady,ve 15.yıllık çıkarılan dersleri  Metro Times’dan öğrenin.Atlamadan sonra okuyun.

 Eminem, as Mathers is more commonly known, has an attitude and rhymes that are often labeled misogynistic or vulgar, yet to the keen listener, are a reflection of what we all see, for better or worse. He’s not gonna paint a pretty picture, or subscribe to positive mantras when the world is infuriating.

    What’s more, he has achieved a level of fame and respect unparalleled for a white American hip-hop artist in the black community. He’s attained a status among African Americans that cannot be purchased or forced. The respect he receives is hard-earned, genuine, and rare. No one in hip-hop will knock him: He is the best.

    To top off his achievements in the rap world, he does something that most in hip-hop and entertainment simply do not: He uses his fame to showcase other talent. Often, Detroit-born and -raised talent. He provides a platform for that local talent to shine alongside him, as if to say “Look here and listen: these people matter, too” — something unique in an industry flavored with beefs and ego.

    And indeed, Mathers’ people do matter. On Shady XV, a two-disc celebration of the 15th anniversary of Shady Records, founded in 1999, Mathers gives nods to where he’s been and to the current landscape of Detroit rap. And through him, that landscape is popping: Dej Loaf, Trick Trick, and Danny Brown, among many others, all make appearances on the anthology.

    Shady XV, you see, isn’t Eminem’s greatest hits — it’s music released on Shady Records. One disc of old Shady music, with a little bit of the root from every era of the record company on it, and one of new music, with artists on the Shady label “having a grand old time at the opera,” as Paul Rosenberg told MT.

Yukarıdaki röportajı çok yakında çevireceğiz,bizi takip etmeye devam edin.

Burada tam makaleyi okuyun.

Kaynak:Shady Records

Çeviri/Haber: TC Sinan Ateş/Shadyy313



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